Why Our Real Estate Market information is Especially Useful

By Davis Driver,

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When preparing to make a big commitment like buying real estate in Desert Mountain, a buyer needs the very best in information to know they have done their homework well enough to make a truly informed and comfortable buying decision. Likewise, when members of The Davis Driver Group are doing research on behalf of either a buying or listing client, we need to have the very best information on hand to provide the best possible advice. We do this by using a combination of information gleaned from the Multiple Listing Service as well as data we generate that the MLS doesn’t cover. The data that we input into each property’s record is key to buyers and sellers and isn’t available from any other source.   This supplemental data effort has been going on essentially for twenty-four years, ever since I joined the on-site marketing team at Desert Mountain. Over the years, that effort has grown into a sophisticated, multi-purpose “System” that uniquely meets the information needs of all nine groups of people who make up and buy the products offered by the residential community development industry. Due to this capability, we call the “RCD9 System”.

We have done two things lately to make this data more accessible to the marketplace, and make it more useful.

One is putting standing reports that cover virtually all aspects of Available properties on the Home Page of Properties of Desert Mountain. Check them out! I think you’ll make it your “go to” source for information for properties in Desert Mountain.

Another is the creation of robust “Market Watch” feature. The MLS has one, and we use for information needs outside of Desert Mountain, but it is very general in nature. Ours allows for multiple queries to be running in background mode all the time, looking for qualifying homes or home sites on three levels:

  1. Individual Properties – To be notified, for example, if Sunrise 331 or Saguaro Forest 11 come on the market.


  1. Any Property in a Given Desert Mountain Village – If you want to be kept on blanket alert for anything going on in any given Village.


  1. Any Property that Meets Detailed Criteria, Anywhere in Desert Mountain – My private database can be searched based on dozens and dozens of parameters, both inclusive and exclusive, many of which are not in the MLS.

With this service, which can be set up by a user on our website or by us, a buyer will always be kept abreast of property that meets their most detailed needs.   If you’d like to set up your own Market Watch, go here: My Market Watch . If you’d like us to do it for you, give us a call! 602 399 0116.

Enjoy Every Day,

Davis & Ann