Buying and Selling in Desert Mountain is our focus

The Davis Driver Group is a seven-person, boutique residential real estate operation focused on the luxury market in north Scottsdale, Arizona, particularly the gated, golf and recreational development known as Desert Mountain.

The Group is headed up by Davis Driver, and includes his wife, Ann; Jack and Kathleen Spidell, who joined the Group in early 2020, and Donna Legate and her husband, Bob Terry, who joined in October 2021. All of us live in Desert Mountain and are members of the Desert Mountain Club. Combined, we offer ninety-nine collective years of experience in Desert Mountain. We also have a full-time, licensed Administrative Assistant and Transaction Coordinator.

We do exemplary work for all buyers and sellers, especially related to Desert Mountain, clearly focused on “Quality vs. Quantity”, aided by a robust inventory management, market research, out-bound marketing, and client communication system Davis has created over the years for his work in Desert Mountain at an investment of over $1,200,000. He came to work at Desert Mountain early in its development, in November of 1991, as a Sales Executive at the on-site sales office. (Donna came to work at the onsite sales office a year later, as the Developer’s Designated Broker). Early on, Davis realized he needed to create his own information system due to the local Multiple Listing Service not having many details of key interest to Desert Mountain buyers and sellers. His market data is acknowledged by even his competitors as being vastly superior to what the “MLS” has to offer. (The reports below, mainly on all Available Property in Desert Mountain, come from this “RCD9 System”). He worked as on-site Sales Executive for twenty-two years, leaving the Sales Office one year after a local brokerage took the office over after the community developer finished its work and turned the private club in thecommunity, the Desert Mountain Club, over to its members. His leaving that office also came a year after he and Ann moved into a home in the community, in October 2011. They have been members of the Desert Mountain Club for most of the roughly thirty years they have been associated with Desert Mountain.

Kathleen Spidell has been a top performer in residential real estate for over forty years, continuing a family tradition going back four generations. Jack has been in the business for over fifteen years.

Between January 2015 and October 1, 2021, the Group (excluding Bob and Donna’s considerable production during this time frame) was responsible for over $245,000,000 in real estate sales, mostly in Desert Mountain. Thanks to living in the community and being Club members, sellers like the way our Group is positioned to “sell” the Desert Mountain lifestyle very well. They also like the advantages the RCD9 System gives us in pricing, crafting marketing plans, and executing those plans. Our work for sellers is marked by typically getting their listings under contract significantly faster than our chief competition, and without having tosignificantly discount the properties (ten percent or more) nearly as often as our competitors to get them under contract. Buyers like our market data, too, and also how we help we help them get “plugged” into the community after they buy. We have a program we call our “Inside Circle” to help newcomers meet people who have been here for years.

We’d welcome your further inquiry and promise to take exquisite care of your interests.