Unique Information Tools

The “unique tools” to which we refer are embodied in the “RCD9 System”, a proprietary web-based inventory management, market research and listing marketing and management system that Davis Driver has developed over the last thirty-two years to meet his Desert Mountain real estate research and marketing needs. This close to $1,200,000 investment has been in response to the local Multiple Listing Service, or “MLS”, being a good tool for general real estate but sorely lacking in the arena of residential community development real estate sales and marketing due to not having a number of crucial bits and pieces of information that are needed constantly.

The RCD9 System allows us to track this information and use it to maximum effect. It is updated daily with information from the MLS, as well as information from our own observations on certain crucial property characteristics. This information is kept in a part of the RCD9 System that deals with Property Profiles and includes a complete history of sales and listings for each property. The Property Profile details include visual tools (photography, maps, floor plans, etc.) that have been taken a step beyond their typical manifestation on the MLS.

To access the RCD9 System to search for homes or homesites within Desert Mountain only, click on the Real Estate Search tab above, and then choose “Search Only Desert Mountain”, “Homes” or “Homesites”. Under either choice, you’ll be able to search for property using a wide array of filters and will be able to customize and sort to a great degree the reports you’ll generate, for free. You will be able to run one report to get familiar with our information services without having to register. If you want to run more, we’ll ask you to let us know who you are and give us a valid email address. We certainly won’t share the information with anyone else! Our hope is that based on what you learn about us on this Web site, and the exceptional experience you will have using our proprietary database, that you will want to work with us if you decide to move forward with some “on the ground” research. If Desert Mountain turns out to not be what you are looking for, as Realtors familiar with North Scottsdale and with access to information tools spanning not only the entire Phoenix area, but also the world through the network of RE/MAX Fine Properties, we can manage a search for property for you literally anywhere in the world.

If you’d like to take the Property Search capability of the RCD9 System on a “test drive”, click on the Real Estate Search tab. You are welcome to dive in and do detailed research into available properties in Desert Mountain, or, tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll do the research for you.