Seller Services

As an overview, Desert Mountain property owners who are considering selling, no matter if their goal is to sell quickly without trying to get top-dollar, or trying to get top-dollar without regard to how long it takes, and to have a pleasant experience in the process, will find their success in doing so to be a function of:

  • Choosing the brokerage firm that is in the best position to market both your property as well as Desert Mountain
  • Choosing an agent at that brokerage that is:
    • Innovative
    • Well organized
    • Hard working
    • Can communicate well with you and others
    • Is active in the marketplace, but not so active as to prevent them from delivering the kind of job, and personal service, that you and your property deserve
  • How well your agent markets the property to other Realtors
  • How well your agent markets the property to different groups of prospects at different “places”, literally and figuratively, in the buying process
  • How well your agent communicates to each prospect who surfaces within each of those target marketing groups
  • How well your agent listens to you about your goals and needs, and then communicates with you about what they are doing and what is going on in the marketplace that might affect your selling strategy as time moves on
  • How well your agent actually sells your property when a prospective purchaser comes to see it

When you look closely at the decision of what agents to hire to sell your property, I can offer nineteen specific reasons why you should hire me. I’d be glad to go over those with you in person.

With these considerations in mind, if you are contemplating listing your property, particularly if it is in Desert Mountain, Kathleen, Jack, Ann, Cathy, and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, learn about what your goals are with respect to selling, and have us make a proper listing presentation to you, making the case for RE/MAX Fine Properties being the best brokerage, and for us being the best team, for marketing and selling your property.