Why I Live, Work and Play in Desert Mountain

By Davis Driver,

First off, let me admit to being a bit lucky. When I came here to work at the on-site Sales Office in late 1991, I knew the development was large enough to sustain a real estate professional for a long time due to its size, but it is hard to see twenty or more years into the future and know how things will turn out.   Now, looking back twenty-four years and living on property and being a member of the Desert Mountain Club, the decision to come here clearly has turned out very well, for which we are grateful.

Falling in love with Desert Mountain and the High Sonoran Desert was easy for me when I first came here, to play some golf in 1988 with some friends while still working in the office leasing business in Dallas. We played Renegade and were blown away by the golf course and the area’s beauty but it didn’t cross my mind that I might someday get to live and work  here.   But, due to some unforeseen influences in my life, that is exactly what happened in 1991. Crazy! My wife and I have been ultra-blessed by what moving here has provided us  and our family.

As an ardent, competitive golfer, being attracted to the golf at Desert Mountain has been a given. We had three courses when I got here, and now have six. Plus, I like to practice, and the four practice areas we have are phenomenal. As the years have gone by, and more courses and clubhouses have been added, the physical plant here has grown into a package unique in the United State. As I have told potential buyers for years, though, all the stuff I can show them on an hour’s tour of the property is literally just the tip of the iceberg. It is the fun you have here, the memories you create and the friends you make, that provide the real enjoyment.   It is the kind of place you enjoy with other people, not by yourself.

Never having to worry about the weather is another thing we try not take for granted. Waking up to brilliant sunshine almost every day is a tremendous gift. Being close to the Grand Canyon has been a very personal benefit (fourteen Rim-to-Rim hikes and two river expeditions… it is a transformational place every human being ought to visit). We have gorgeous mountain views just steps away from my home office and get the pleasure of watching the storms roll in and deliver us spectacular shows of Mother Nature. Walking/jogging trails are close by which is great for Tuck (my dog) and I to hit the dirt in the morning for a little exercise.   We enjoy seeing the occasional bobcat, deer, javelinas and lots of different birds.   And, we enjoy our times at the various Club venues and the many activities that are available to us here (including horseback riding and hiking on our private sixteen mile trail system.

My wife earned her real estate license in early 2015 and now we can work together helping others assess this place for their own needs, and to get plugged in if they decide to become a part of it. We are having fun and making new friends practically every day.   If we can help you or a friend, give us a call!


See you on the course,

Davis & Ann

Cochise-Geronimo putting green with a view of the McDowell Mountain Range.

Cochise-Geronimo putting green with a view of the McDowell Mountain Range.