Jackson Spidell

Jack Spidell Desert Mountain RealtorCell: 480-636-0882
E-mail: Jack@davisdriver.com
21020 N. Pima Rd., Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Jackson (Jack) Spidell was born in 1955 in Sacramento, California.  Jack enjoyed growing up in a wonderful area called Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California.  There he enjoyed the beaches and playing sports while growing up.  He played football, basketball and baseball in high school and baseball and basketball in college.  At a young age he would get on a plane after the last Little League game to his grandparent’s farm in Northern Indiana where he learned to love the Midwest values and hunting and fishing.  After college Jack began working for an office systems furniture company, Herman Miller Inc.  He was planning on working there for the summer, but ended up transferring back to the headquarters in western Michigan where he was re-introduced to the Midwest.  He ended up working for Herman Miller for 21 years, ending his career there as the head of operations.

Jack was an investor in real estate in Michigan, purchasing hunting land, hobby farms, and residential rental properties.  In 2000, Jack was recruited to a company in Missouri.  As he continued to invest, he met an outstanding Realtor named Kathleen.  After providing Kathleen with a few transactions and his credit report, they began dating and Jack married his Realtor!  In 2006, Jack left the furniture business and began helping Kathleen with real estate.  Jack and Kathleen have been having a lot of fun enjoying much success in helping buyers and sellers  accomplish their real estate goals.  Jack and Kathleen moved to Desert Mountain in May, 2021 and joined the Davis Driver group in the fall of 2021.  Jack says the group has enjoyed wonderful business success but especially have developed great respect for one another and great friendships.  Jack enjoys playing pickleball and the bocce ball leagues at Desert Mountain and has developed many fantastic friendships with many of the players.


He can be reached at 480 636 0882. His email address is Jack@davisdriver.com.