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Thanks for wanting to research available Desert Mountain properties. Elsewhere on this site you can use the MLS for search purposes anywhere in the Phoenix area, but here you will be able to use my advantageous proprietary database just for Desert Mountain. It will allow searches on many useful things not found in the MLS, such as: Floor Plan Type (Great Room; Kitchen/Family Room; Kitchen by Itself); Solar Exposure (of the back of the house); how much of up to ten different views (Golf Course, City Lights, Sunsets, Water, various Mountain views, etc.) each property enjoys on a scale of 0 to 5, with the "view grades" assigned by my personal inspection of each property; whether there is a road in the foreground of a view; whether the property has a strong chance of getting hit by errant golf balls; key locational characteristics such as being, or not being, located on a golf course, or overlooking a generous amount of natural area open space, rather than rooftops; whether a home has a garage down a flight of stairs or a master bedroom up a flight of stairs, what membership in the Desert Mountain Club is included in the list price, and so on for dozens and dozens more possible search criteria. I want to encourage you to use this extraordinarily effective initial search capability to get a feel for it, and for me, before asking you to register, so you'll get three searches before we do that.
Thank you very much!
Davis Driver

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Equity Club Membership – Equivalent to a social membership in many clubs. A $40,000 value if purchased directly from the Club. Very limited golf privileges. Otherwise, same access privileges as the full-golf, "Equity Golf Membership", described below. There is currently a $20,000 "Transfer Fee" charged by the Club to the selling member in return for transferring the membership to another party, through the Club. A $1,500 per year Food and Beverage Minimum was in effect as of October, 2012.

Equity Golf Membership – A $140,000 value if purchased directly from the Club. Unlimited golf privileges. There is currently a $65,000 "Transfer Fee" charged by the Club to the selling member in return for transferring the membership to another party, through the Club. A $1,500 per year Food and Beverage Minimum was in effect as of October, 2012.

Membership Not Included - In this case, a membership may or may not be available from the seller. If it is, it isn't included at the list price. If it isn't, a membership may possibly be obtained by applying for it at the Desert Mountain Club. If no membership is obtained, you will have no rights to use any of the Club facilities.
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Desert Mountain lies on sloping ground well above the valley floor, in and on a number of small mountains. As a result, there are several specific 'views' available. We have utilized a grading system of 0 to 5 as a way to conservatively estimate how good the long-term (i.e., after any nearby future construction is completed) view in a given direction or toward a given object will be. The grades are based on the expected view from a main floor of a future home, not a second story window or patio, or a rooftop observation deck. Every effort has been made to be conservative in these grade assessments, but a prospective purchaser should independently confirm these assessments for themselves. To see an example of what we feel is a Grade 5 view of a given object, hover over each named view.

The report will show only homes that fit ALL the ratings you enter.
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Ratings range from 0-5, with 5 being the best possible rating.

Golf Course Lights East Mtn. West Mtn.
Northwest Mtn. North Mtn. McDowell Mtn. Lone Mtn.
Water Sunset Overlooks a Road?  
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Cul-de-sac Extraordinary rock outcroppings Free Standing
Golf ball lot Individual Sewer Grinder Pump Required On a Body of Water
On a Corner On a Golf Course On a Wash
On an Entry One and one-half lots combined Shared driveway
Two homesites combined Two-story solution required or likely   
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